Food heritage highlights

Written by Sarah Heffner on July 10, 2019

Mennonite Heritage Center staff have been exploring and developing a major exhibit on the topic of food, a daily and essential part of our lives. Food touches on creation, celebration and community. Food is also increasingly a concern, as we hear daily news about extreme weather cycles and global strife impacting the production of food and people’s access to adequate food.

Museum exhibits about food have ranged from reproducing nostalgic food themes as a reflection of culture to more participatory

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Immigration exhibit opens tomorrow

Written by Forrest Moyer on March 31, 2017

A new exhibit entitled Opportunity and Conscience: Mennonite Immigration to Pennsylvania opens at the Mennonite Heritage Center tomorrow, Saturday, April 1, and will be on display through March 31, 2018. Hours are 10am-5pm Tuesday through Friday, and Saturday 10am-2pm. Admission is a suggested $5.00 donation. There is handicap access, and special tours can be scheduled.

ALSO, don’t miss your chance at a ticket (only 23 left!) to our special Heritage Banquet on April 28, where recent immigrants will share their stories,

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Quilts and stories from the “Riot of Color” exhibit

Written by Joel Alderfer on January 25, 2017
Mary Loux quilt, Mennonite Heritage Center

Several quilts in our current “Riot of Color” exhibit have interesting family stories or anecdotes that add a human dimension to the artifacts.  We’ll feature a number of these stories in this post.  The exhibit includes thirty quilts, mainly from the Mennonite Heritage Center collection, selected for their color, condition and design content.

Wedding or Dowry Quilts

These are quilts that were made, according to the family stories, either as wedding gifts for a young couple or were

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