Whack & Roll Player Information

Below is listed some helpful information for players in the nonprofit tournaments. Rescheduled date – August 30

Waiver Form

Each player is required to fill out a waiver form. Players are encouraged to fill this out online by Wednesday, August 26.

Waiver form

Rules Review

Players should come to the tournament familiar with how to play 9 Wicket Croquet and its rules. After check-in players will proceed directly to their first assigned court. Helpful links are:

Rules Review pdf

How to play 9 Wicket Croquet pdf


Schedule for nonprofit tournaments


Nonprofit/Player Roster 2020

Nonprofit/Player Roster 2020

Court assignments for Rounds 1, 2, 3

Courts for Rounds 1 2 3 Alphabetical by Nonprofit

Courts for Rounds 1 2 3 by Team #

Scoring after Rounds 1, 2, 3

Scoring Rank after Rounds 1 2 3
For Open Division – The top nine teams [only 2 per nonprofit] move on to afternoon semi-finals. Teams ranked 10, 11, 12 should stay on the premises in case one of the top nine cannot compete in the afternoon.
For Novice Division – The top three teams [only 1 per nonprofit] move on to the afternoon championship round after lunch.

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