Emily Smucker-Beidler Gallery Opening: “Fraktur: Continuing the Conversation”

During the summer of 2023, Emily Smucker-Beidler worked as the inaugural Artis-in-Residence at the Mennonite Heritage Center studying local artist Samuel Gottschall (1800-1898). As a fraktur artist herself, Emily explored Gottschall’s work through research and artistic expression. Celebrate Fraktur and learn what Smucker-Beidler discovered during a special weekend at the Mennonite Heritage Center.

About Emily Smucker-Beidler

Ever since sixth grade, Emily Smucker-Beidler has been creating Fraktur. It’s an art she learned from Roma Ruth, a well-respected Fraktur artist from Montgomery County, PA. After receiving Bachelors’ and Masters’ degrees in Art Education, Emily has made her 31-year career in teaching art her passion, while continuing to create custom Fraktur for hundreds of clients. She brings her experience and enthusiasm for teaching to her Fraktur workshops and welcomes artists of all ages and ability levels.