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Take a load off in the Welcome Center — complimentary coffee and WiFi, books and gift items for sale.

Books on Mennonite and local history and genealogy, and gift items such as pottery and textiles, are available for purchase. All proceeds directly support the education programs of the Mennonite Heritage Center. Admission to the Welcome Center is free. If you are an MHC Member you receive a 10% discount on purchases.

Mennonite Heritage Center Publications

Mennonite Heritage Center, Lukens, Towamencin

Paper, Quill and Ink (2nd edition)

Purchase and download a PDF copy of the book Paper, Quill and Ink: The Diaries of George Lukens, Towamencin Township Quaker, Farmer, Schoolmaster, Abolitionist; with A History of Towamencin Township by local historian Brian Hagey (second edition, 2019). George Lukens' diary is a personal account of the early years in ...
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