Faces and Places: Photography by Sally Gwyn Heffentrager

July – November 2020

A selection of fine photography from the artist’s travels throughout Asia and North America.

Artist’s statement:

I was born in 1954 to parents who lived on the family farm in Upper Gwynedd Township, Pennsylvania. I spent most of my childhood either with my head buried in books or roaming the farmland for something to discover. One of my favorite books as a child was Richard Halliburton’s Book of Marvels, which took me on adventures to foreign lands. It made me want to explore the world and see how other cultures lived their life.

In high school I discovered photography and acquired my first 35 mm film camera. Although like most other people I have switched to digital, the camera is something I’ve stayed with my entire life. Adept at painting, drawing and other forms of art, I graduated from Tyler School of Art in 1976. Unable to find a job that could utilize my art background, I gradually gravitated into computer work, a new field that frequently couldn’t find experienced people to fill the slots. Most of what I learned was learned on the job and it wasn’t until later that I went back to school at Temple University Fox School of Business and got my MBA in Computer Management. I was fortunate that my first love, artwork, was there to fill my days. I managed to take trips all over North America, including Canada, Alaska and Mexico, and further countries such as India, Mongolia and Hong Kong. My camera was my constant companion. It’s purpose was to capture memories. I’m happy that I can share these memories with you through this exhibit.