2022 Tournament Results

Saturday, June 4 – Nonprofit Invitational Croquet Tournament – Open Division

1st Place $4,000 sponsored by Bergey’s Inc.—MCC Material Resource Center
Team: “Imperial Hotels”— Andrew Derstine and Justin Burkholder

2nd Place $2,000 sponsored by Detweiler Hershey and Associates—Dock Mennonite Academy
Team: “Team Hope”—Paul Rampogu and Rina Rampogu

3rd Place $1,000 sponsored by Everence—Frederick Living
Team: “Outa Bounders”—Roger Kurtz and Duane Reiss

4th Place $500—Indian Creek Foundation. Team: “Creekers”—Bruce Thomas and Lowell Miller
5th Place $500—Indian Creek Foundation. Team: “Beauty and the Beast”—Donna Floyd and Ken Handrich
6th Place $500—Grand View Health. Team: “Rehab Renegades”—Dave Bergey and Mike Gehman

7th Place $250—Dock Mennonite Academy. Team: “Old and in the Way”—Tim Fenchel and David Fenchel
8th Place $250—Dock Mennonite Academy. Team: “The Whackmen”—Daryl Hackman and Doug Hackman
9th Place $250—The City School. Team: “TCS Super Mallet Bros”—Oliver Gingrich and Michael Gingrich

Saturday, June 5 – Nonprofit Invitational Croquet Tournament – Novice Division

1st Place $750 sponsored by Bergey’s Inc.—Chariots for Hope.
Team: “Whacky Jax”—Torrie Hoover and Wendell Hoover

2nd Place $500 sponsored by Detweiler Hershey and Associates—Laurel House.
Team: “Croquet & Tubbs”—Vince Leonetti and Gary Phifer

3rd Place $250 sponsored by Everence—Historic Rittenhousetown.
Team: “Monoshone Mallets”—Am RIcci and Libbie Hawes

Sunday, June 5 – Survivor Croquet Youth Tournament

Prize Money to Benefit youth group service trip.

1st Place $1000
Franconia Mennonite Church

2nd Place $500
Bally Mennonite Church MYSS

3rd Place $250
Butter Valley Community Church

And a big thanks to all of our players!