Welcome to the Mennonite Heritage Center

The Mennonite Heritage Center, 565 Yoder Road, Harleysville, Pa. is a museum and historical library dedicated to preserving and sharing the stories of Mennonite faith and life in eastern Pennsylvania. Mennonite Christians first settled in the Delaware Valley in 1683 and have been part of eastern Pennsylvania’s community and religious life for over 300 years. You are invited to visit the heritage center to see changing exhibits, use our historical library and take part in events, programs and workshops throughout the year.

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Feature article: “Footwashing Memories” by Marcia Parker, Beverly Miller, Barbara Shisler, and Dawn Nelson

Ed Brubaker“Living Branches is pleased to have our leadership group and the members of our human resources and marketing teams attend a program and tour the Mennonite Heritage Center as part of their new employee orientation. We believe it essential for these employees to understand the historical context of our Mennonite sponsorship, as well as what it means to be a conference-related ministry. Many of our organizational leaders are not Mennonite and it has been very helpful for them to learn about our Mennonite roots and sponsorship, which provide the underpinnings for their work with our residents, residents’ families, and employees.”
–Edward D. Brubaker, President/CEO, Living Branches


New resource!  Salford Mennonite Graveyard documentation by Kevin McCoach