Quilting through the Generations

June 17 – November 3, 2018
Reception: June 17, 2:00-4:00pm

Fine-art quilts and wall hangings by Bud Slemmer, of Lederach, PA, along with several quilts by various family members. Bud’s work features colorful fabrics from southeast Asia. A number of his quilts, table runners, hot pads and pin cushions are available for purchase during the exhibit.

Artist’s Statement

Fortunately for me I was born into a family who sewed. Both of my grandmothers and my father and mother were all very handy with the sewing machine. My grandmothers made their clothes and with the leftover fabrics would make quilts to keep everyone warm in the winter. My mother worked in a clothing factory for many years, but also made clothes for our family. I was always fascinated by the sewing machine.

My father made window awnings for older Victorian homes, to keep them cool in the summer. I loved playing with his large factory machine, filling bobbins and playing with the scraps. I loved going to fabric stores and helping to choose colors for the next project.

As an adult I loved to travel and was always interested in the culture of Asian countries. Thailand is my favorite place to visit and fabric shopping there is fabulous. I was hooked and began collecting every color and design available. My suitcase bulged with goodies, and I was forced to ship my treasures home by mail.

I became interested in quilting and thus began a several year project of designing and sewing quilts. Please enjoy the fruits of my labor and hopefully there will be more in the future