Nonprofit Tournament Parameters

Whack & RollSingle Division, All-Amateur

Amateur designation for this division is a USCA Singles Handicap of 11 or higher, or equivalent as decided by management.

Notice:  Reasonable efforts have been made to ensure that professional status players have not entered under amateur category and that play will be made as fair as possible.

Play Format:  9 Wicket Croquet “Doubles,” consisting of two people per team with three teams on a court for any given round. If entire field is not filled, Management reserves the right to stop or extend registrations at points that best serve the smooth progression of the tournament.

Courts:  Matches will be played on courts approximately 75% of regulation full size courts. (A full court is 100’ x 50’.) Court assignments are posted or announced in advance of the round.

Progression: Each team will play 3 elimination matches, after which, the cut will be made. Any team moving to semi final round must have had the same players from the start of Round 1.
Semi Final Round: (“Final 9”) 9 Teams. Winning team from each court will progress to the…
Final/Championship: 3 Teams. (See “Team Limits in Playoffs” section.)

Scoring Priority:  1) Win/Loss 2) “Net Points” 3) Total Points. Tiebreakers will be specified by Tournament Director if/as needed.

Team Structure:  Registration is by teams of two who select a team name by which their team will be recognized throughout the tournament.
•    For any team that won 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place the prior two years, the players must return for the next two years with a new partner who has not won 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in the prior two years. Players affected by this rule for 2022: James Braunsberger, Andrew Derstine, Donna Floyd, Dan Lapp, Bryce Mininger, Delphin Monga, Brad Smith, Bruce Thomas, Joy Thomas, Gary Volpe, Kristin Wonderling.
•    Management reserves the right to change any team name that may be considered offensive, in poor taste, or otherwise unsuitable.

General Turf Condition:  Very Good

Game Duration: Elimination Rounds and Semi Final Round will be timed play 60 minutes per match. Championship Round will be timed play 75 minutes. All rounds may be shortened, extended or played to the post as time permits, but at the sole discretion of Management. Play will cease immediately upon end of game signal OR play will cease on any given court when any team is the first to complete the course by staking out at final stake. For courts still in play when time expires, play will cease on all courts at the time signal. A ball in play (struck or moving) when signal sounds will count for whatever result achieved, but no further bonus or continuation shots may be taken. When play ceases on any court no ball may be moved until scores are taken and scorecards are completed and acknowledged to the referee by all players on that court.

Deadness:  No Carryover.  Management may employ wicket clips and deadness boards to optimize flow and order in tournament play.

Rules and Officiation:  Tournament Director and Management reserve the right to amend or modify rules generally to accommodate particular environments and conditions, (such as assisting individuals with disabilities, or for any other reason deemed necessary) for any given match or tournament. Such modifications will be made known to the players before matches.

All referees calls apply. If a disputed ruling arises, referee may appeal to Tournament Director for final ruling.

Tournament Director and Management reserve the right to disqualify any player at any time for un-sporting conduct, other questionable behavior, or for any reason deemed to have a negative impact on others or the event.

Division Placement and Fairness:  Management reserves the right to assign any player to any division, or to apply a handicap, or exercise any other means to keep play as fair as possible at Management’s sole discretion.

Equipment:  Mallets are supplied by Mennonite Heritage Center.  Novice Division players must use mallets supplied by the tournament. For the Open Division players may bring their own mallets not exceeding 9″ head length. Management reserves right to disqualify any mallet deemed a safety hazard, detrimental to equipment or property, as providing unfair advantage, or in any other way inappropriate. Players use balls provided, no substitutions allowed.

Teams: Each participating Nonprofit Organization (NPO) may register one or more teams playing on its behalf.

Independently Registered Teams:  These may choose the NPO for which they will play. If such a team has no preference, then Management reserves the right to assign said team to and on behalf of a registered participating NPO.

Team Limits in Play-offs:
•    Semi Finals: Only two teams from any participating NPO may progress into the Semi Final Round of nine teams.
•    Final/Championship: Only one team from any participating NPO may participate in the Final/Championship round of three teams.
For a team to qualify for play-offs, player substitutions are not allowed during any round throughout the tournament.

If more NPO’s teams have progressed than are permitted to continue into the next round, the team/teams who will be permitted to continue will be decided upon using the Scoring Priority criteria as listed in this document: 1) Win/Loss  2) “Net Points” 3) Total Points. Tiebreakers will be specified by Tournament Director if/as needed.

Slots opened by teams that are so “bumped” in the process described above in any of the playoff rounds will be filled with teams present and immediately next in the rankings.

Remuneration:  Players may receive no remuneration from any NPO or third party in return for their participation on NPO’s behalf.  This includes provision of or reimbursement for travel and lodging expenses.

Nonprofit Organization Qualification: All participating Nonprofit Organizations (NPO) shall be IRS classification 501c3.  All NPOs shall be registered with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Charitable Organizations and shall provide their State registration number to the Mennonite Heritage Center. If an NPO is not required to register with the state, they shall provide their organization’s Federal EIN number as their credential for entering the event, entering it and the organization’s legal name upon the Nonprofit Commitment form. Falsification of any information wills grounds for disqualification.

Registration fees are non-refundable.

Identification and NPO Representation:  Teams will be identified with the charity for which they are playing. Substitution of a team member is permitted up to 7 days prior to the event and only then with the approval of Management. After sign-in on event day, team members may play only with their registered teammate. No team member may switch teams at any time during the event. No team member may be replaced or switched in any way after Sign In on event day unless approved by Management. Should a team need to drop out of the event last minute, Management reserves the right to appoint a team to fill the vacant slot.

Ethical Conduct, Collusion:  At no time may two teams communicate to collude against or “gang up” on the third team on their court. Though this sometimes occurs in a non-planned, functional (not signaled or verbal) manner, such a situation may never be planned nor may any communications to this effect take place. Players acting in such a manner will be disqualified and/or ejected immediately.

Officiation:  Management will train and provide volunteer referees.  Any referee who has any bias on behalf of or connection to a team playing on a court to which he/she has been assigned will notify Management for possible reassignment to an alternate court.

Prizes: The following prize structure is planned for the Saturday tournaments, with teams winning these amounts for the charity they represent:

Prizes for Open Division:
First Place – $4,000
Second Place – $2,000
Third Place – $1,000
Fourth through Sixth Place – $500 each
Seventh through Ninth Place – $250 each

Novice Division:
First Place – $750
Second Place – $500
Third Place – $250

Prizes will be announced at conclusion of Championship Round after all winners are determined. Checks for prizes will be sent to winning organizations within 5 days.

Inclement Weather:  In the event of inclement weather, efforts will be made to conclude the tournament on the event date. If conditions force postponement, the tentative rain date will be next day, Sunday. Time to be announced.

All participants in any capacity agree to relieve, release, and forever discharge and agree to indemnify and hold harmless Mennonite Historians of Eastern PA and Croquet Your Way, LLC and all servants, agents, and employees from any and all claims and demands of any and every kind and character for injury to their person or damage to their property as a result of their participation in MHEP’s Whack & Roll and affiliated activities held as described above.

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