Frequently Asked Questions

Can my business sponsor Whack and Roll?

Yes! Whack and Roll is a successful, established event that involves hundreds of people, over 25 nonprofit organizations and their fans, youth groups, and supporters of Mennonite Heritage Center.  You will be gaining exposure to many people through your support of a fun and successful community event.  You are also supporting the work of the Mennonite Heritage Center to collect, preserve, and share the Mennonite story.

How much does it cost to be a sponsor?

Opportunities range from $275 for a court sponsorship to $5500 for first place prize with commensurate levels of media exposure. Bergey’s once again makes it all possible with a $10,000 community underwriting!

When is the sponsorship deadline?

Some sponsorship levels are limited to a certain number.  The sooner your business decides the sooner you will receive exposure on our website and social media posts.

Why should my nonprofit participate in Whack and Roll?

Whack and Roll is an excellent opportunity to build relationships with your members and supporters and meet other nonprofit leaders.  It can also be a great team builder.  Over $10,000 in prize money is available for nonprofits.

How much does it cost for my nonprofit to participate?

Team registration is $250 per team. You may register one or more teams.   Most nonprofits ask a sponsor to pay the registration fee.  We hope you can find help.  If not, contact the MHC office to request help with finding one.

When is the nonprofit deadline?

The earlier you register, the more time we both have to organize.  The deadline is May 12.  After that, teams will be admitted IF there are spots available. (We need teams in multiples of three).

Why should I play?

Many play for fun.  Some enjoy the competition and high stakes prizes.  Others come for the community gathering of people and non-profits from all over the area.  Whack and Roll is an excellent couples or team building event.  It is an opportunity for professionals to network.  It is another way for non-profit supporters and members to help their favorite organizations.  And the food is good.

Who can play?

Whack and Roll has a division for nearly everyone. The Saturday Advanced and Amateur tournaments are for high school and up. The Amateur tournament has provisions for novice players. One player on each team should have some relationship to the organization.  The Survivor youth tournament is held on Friday evening.

How many people are on a team?

There are two players per team.  Each nonprofit may register one or more teams, $250 per team. Independent teams can also register and play for one of the participating non-profits @ $250 per team.

Sunday Survivor teams have six players.

Can I play in more than one tournament?

Teenagers can play in the Sunday Survivor and one of the Saturday tournaments.

How competitive is it?

All the tournaments are competitive, and offer chances to advance to finals rounds, which are sometimes quite intense. Those looking for more causal play can play in the Amateur division.  Those without experience playing croquet, six games or less in their lives, can receive novice status. Each novice will receive three free “do-over” shots for each of the first two rounds.

What if I don’t know how to play?

Participate in the practices on scheduled Sundays in April and May. You can read the How to play 9 Wicket Croquet pdf and watch the Croquet Your Way Video. A free clinic is tentatively scheduled for Friday evening, June 2, at 6 pm inside the Mennonite Heritage Center.

What does the money raised go to support?

Whack and Roll is the Mennonite Heritage Center’s biggest fundraiser.  The Center exists to gather and preserve the heritage of settlers in southeastern PA in order to educate and inspire the church and the broader community.

Questions: or 215.256.3020.