Twill Weave Basket Workshop


Enjoy learning to weave a classic Shaker Cathead Basket in a twill weave pattern. The workshop is taught by master basket weaver Karen Wychock.

Easily identified by its pattern of diagonal lines, a twill weave is used to create a diagonal line in your basket. A twill weave is created by weaving over and under multiple spokes as opposed to weaving “over one-under one.”

Students will be weaving a 10” or 12″ classic Shaker Cathead Basket with a twill pattern. The Cathead was one of the most popular baskets made by the Shakers. Its name derives from the fact that when it is held upside down, its shape resembles a cat’s head – the corners being the ears. This basket will be woven of reed with an oak handle. Students will learn to lay out the base, shape those distinctive ears, chase-weave the sides of the basket in a twill pattern and lash the rim.

Preregistration is necessary as the workshop size is limited. The workshop fee is $65 ($60 member) plus the materials fee of $40. No refunds are given unless a workshop is canceled for insufficient enrollment.