RESCHEDULED – Traditional Foods Potluck

RESCHEDULED – The Traditional Foods Potluck is being combined with the Mennonite Community Cookbook Potluck on Friday, Nov. 8 at 6:30 pm. Please register for that event and bring either a dish from the Mennonite Community cookbook OR a traditional recipe from your own family or an ethnic cookbook. Please bring a copy of the recipe with you to the dinner. Look forward to tasting great food with good company!

Preregistration required – seating is limited to 50 people.

Click here to register for Nov. 8

Traditional Foods Potluck to celebrate the exhibit Food: Our Global Kitchen. The potluck will be held at the Mennonite Heritage Center and is hosted in partnership with Indian Valley Public Library. Enjoy a delicious meal and friendly discussion about recipes while seated in the Food: Our Global Kitchen exhibit.

This potluck celebrates traditional recipes from our ancestors. You can bring a dish from ethnic cookbooks featured at the IVPL library or cook a family recipe like your grandmother’s pierogis or a dish you learned how to make at a church potluck. The dish/recipe is your admission to the event. Please bring a copy of the recipe along to the potluck.