The History of the Lenape in Pennsylvania

Adam Waterbear DePaul, Chief of Education and Tribal Storykeeper of the Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania, will discuss the past and present of the Lenape people in Pennsylvania. This will include pre-colonial life, relationships with William Penn, the era of Penn’s Sons and the Walking Purchase, the Lenape diaspora and where they are today, the Lenape who remained in their homeland and how they remained, and what the Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania is doing today to revitalize Lenape culture and continue their role as caretakers of the environment. He invites discussion and questions from the audience. Adam is also a doctoral candidate at Temple University with research areas in Cultural and Mythological Studies, and co-curates the Lenape Cultural Center in Easton PA and the exhibit Enduring Presence 2022: Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania Art at Haverford College.

This is an in-person only event.