Shaker Teaspoon Basket Workshop


Students will learn to lay out the base, chase-weave the sides of the basket, notch a handle and lash a rim. This precious basket is a mere 3 3/4″ long, 3″ wide and 3 1/4″ high with a bonnet handle.

We will be using beautiful ash splint to weave this gem. Ash splint is produced from black ash trees (Fraxinus nigra) that grow in the wet soils of cold swamps in New England. The labor intensive process includes splitting the logs into billets about 2 inches wide and 25–30 growth rings thick and pounding each billet with a wooden mallet to crush the fibers between the growth rings so the individual growth rings can be peeled apart.

Instructor Karen Wychock is a member of the Bucks County Craftsmen’s Guild, the Bucks County Hand Weaver’s guild and the PA Guild of Craftsmen. As a weaver of traditional Shaker baskets, she has sold her work through various shows throughout PA and Delaware. She has taught numerous basket weaving workshops.

The workshop fee is $60 ($55 member) plus $50 for the materials fee. Preregistration is necessary as the workshop size is limited. No refunds are given unless a workshop is canceled for insufficient enrollment.