Reception for Nicolas Bowen exhibit

Open to the public; admission by donation.

Guests on the Land:
Photography by Nicolas Bowen

May 3 – November 2, 2016
Reception: June 12, 2016 — 2:00-4:00 p.m.

"Late Season Tomato Rows, Eckerton Hill Farm"

“Late Season Tomato Rows, Eckerton Hill Farm”

The exhibit features photography by Nicolas Bowen who uses a field camera to interpret the southeastern regions of Pennsylvania where he lives and has spent most of his life.  His work features beautiful, sometimes haunting images of the cultivated fields and woodlands of the area. A selection of images will be available for purchasing.

Mr. Bowen is Professor Emeritus at Kutztown University, where he taught photography. His work has been exhibited at galleries throughout Pennsylvania and is on display for the first time at the Mennonite Heritage Center. He states about his work: “For me, the landscape, or whatever category, is just another vehicle – an arena for conflict and resolution; a place for tension and struggle on all levels. Why I’m compelled to shoot this or that subject is all the same regardless of what presents itself. I’m drawn to evidence of past and immediate contrasts and compliments: forces and ideas overlapping, replacing and defining each other; sometimes dramatically, sometimes imperceptibly and sometimes both at once. I want the resulting photographs to be more affective than scenic; scenic is OK – but inspiring, revelatory, perplexing, troubling or haunting is better.”