Reception for Julie Longacre art exhibit

The exhibit Julie Longacre: A Retrospective celebrates fifty years of Julie Longacre’s artistic career and showcases her work from her early landscapes through current paintings. It is a unique opportunity to view her journey as an artist over time. Some of the artwork will be on loan from private collections and has never been exhibited. A number of the paintings are available for purchasing along with a selection of prints and cards.

Julie loved to draw as a child. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art and Education and taught third grade and then art until 1981 when she retired to paint full time.

Julie states that:
Some people at the end of a life-long profession have a plaque on the wall showing gratitude for their commitment, or wear an engraved watch to remind them of the time they spent with the firm. I don’t have a plaque nor a watch bearing my name. I have memories of the wonderful people I met along the way. They were the measure of my success. Had they not been attracted to my work, I would not have had the privilege to meet and interact with so many interesting people, listen to their stories and capture their memories on canvas.

We are the artists; we record history. Time doesn’t pass us by; we can make time stand still. Our compositions capture moments in time, express our ideas, our emotions, hopes and dreams for those who follow us.

The exhibit is on display August 19 – November 4, 2017.