Paper Marbling Workshop


Learn the colorful art of paper marbling. Led by Ramon Townsend of Colonial Bindery, Exton, PA, participants will learn this traditional paper art first developed by the Persians in the 15th century. Marbling is the art of floating and designing watercolors on a base fluid then permanently transferring the design to paper. Participants will be instructed in preparing the paper to accept the paint; mixing the colors for marbling; creating the base fluid; floating the colors on the base, then designing them; and transferring the design to paper. The students will take home their finished papers.

Workshop instructor Ramon Townsend studied paper marbling and hand bookbinding under the Master and Journeymen bookbinders at Colonial Williamsburg. Colonial Williamsburg has an apprenticeship program where it passes on traditional handcrafts. Part of the training was to demonstrate and teach the crafts to visitors and Ramon learned paper marbling, paper making and printing, and bookbinding. After his work at the Bindery for a few years, he continued to perform bookbinding and marbling, including rebinding/restoring used and rare books. In 2012, Ramon started Colonial Bindery which offers repairing and rebinding book services.

Preregistration is necessary as the workshop size is limited. The Paper Marbling Workshop fee is $65 ($60 member) plus a $10 materials fee. The instructor will provide the materials. No refunds are given unless a workshop is canceled for insufficient enrollment.

Note: the maximum number of participants for this workshop is 5 people