Mosaic Flower Pots

Penn State Extension Master Gardener Sharon Gross  guides us through a workshop.

Make a Mosaic Pot:  In this class participants will decorate a pot using paints, adhesive and various pieces of tile, glass, and stone. Materials will be provided, but if you have something you’d like to incorporate, bring it along!

This workshop is great for families;Children (5 and 12 years) could do it with a parent,Teenagers welcomed on their own. Bring a friend, neighbor or spouse. These pots are a wonderful addition to any garden or home for any age. All are welcomed to sign up for the Mosaic Pot Workshop.

Sharon Gross is a 16 year volunteer with the Penn State Extension Master Gardener program.

Mosaic Flower Pot  Making Workshop

Please wear a mask over your nose and mouth and observe social distancing.

Thank you for helping us all stay safe.