Model Historic Buildings Display

The Souderton Historic Village

Millers Variety Store was a thriving business in Souderton.

Henry O Souder’s home. Credited as the founder of Souderton after he donated land to the railroad and business thrived.

The Independent Newspaper which originally printed in German.

Souderton Historic Village- My name is Joann Johannsen. I spent the most happy hours of my childhood in my father’s
workshop. Our neighbors called my father, William F. Johnson,” Mr Fixit”. My father taught me
how to carefully use tools and to respect the work of peoples’ hands.
Before the pandemic, I purchased a scroll saw to make characters to fill nativity scene crèches.
In response to the many kindnesses of friends, I began making models of their homes as a way
to say thank you. Daniel Yocum my neighbor growing up and now Mayor of Souderton asked
that I make a model of a historic Souderton building for the Souderton Historic Society as a
donation box for upcoming events.

I prepared a model of the Univest Main Branch building for their use. While doing research on
the history of Souderton I found inspiration in the stories of individuals who had a vision for a
caring community and worked tirelessly to evolve into the community one sees today.
Eventually the number of models reached thirty-five and they told not just the architectural
story of the town but of the hopes, dreams and vision of those who established a foundation
for our lives today.

My hope has been to have the Historic Souderton models be a way of raising money for
institutions in and around our community. To date it has raised money for Generations and the
Souderton Historic Society. I sincerely hope that you will enjoy the town and it’s history.

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List of Souderton Historic Buildings
Broad Street- west to east

Grandville and Blanche Moyer Barn and Home
Emmanuel Lutheran Church
Broad Movie theater
Transit Company Building
Main Branch Univest Bank
Train Station
Souderton Hotel
Post Office
Freeds Hall
Hunsberger Hardware Store
Zion Mennonite Church

Front Street
Independent Newspaper
Fifth Street
Christian Souder Home
School Lane
Souderton Area High School

Main Street-south to north
Peoples National Bank
Haas Pool Hall and Bowling Alley
J.M. Landis& CO and Souder & Crouthamel
Moyer and Son Feedmill
First Union National Bank
Cigar Factory
Godshall Home
Henry O. Souder’s first home- Founder of Souderton
Klines Variety Store
Millers Variety Store
Fredericks Shoe Store
Scooters Bike Shop
Zwingli UCC Church

Chestnut Street-west to east
Souderton Mennonite Church
Chestnut Street School
William Souder Lumbermill
Green Street -east to west
Cigar Box Factory
George Stewart Log Cabin

Wile Avenue
Linford Clemmer/Helmut Schilling Barber Shop