Mennonite Community Cookbook/Traditional Foods Potluck

Please call 215-256-3020 to inquire about attending. Registration is nearly full.

Held in conjunction with the exhibit Food: Our Global Kitchen, the potluck dinner celebrates this classic Pennsylvania German Mennonite cookbook. Bring a dish/recipe from this cookbook classic that generations have used and enjoyed to the potluck (or a traditional recipe from your own family or an ethnic cookbook) — it is your admission. Enjoy a delicious meal and friendly discussion about recipes while seated in the Food: Our Global Kitchen exhibit.

Traditional Pennsylvania Dutch favorites such as creamed chicken, snitz and knepp, mustard beans, pea salad and baked lima beans are in cookbook. Deserts are the highlight, however, with tempting selections like saucepan fudge cake, lemon sponge custard, and sour cream apple pie.

The Traditional Foods Potluck that had previously been scheduled for Friday, September 20, has been combined with this potluck. Please choose either a dish from the Mennonite Community cookbook to bring or prepare a traditional recipe from your own family or an ethnic cookbook. Please bring a copy of the recipe with you to the dinner, and a label for your dish. Look forward to tasting great food with good company!