Life and Times of Isaiah and Susan Landes

Glimpses of the Life and Times of Isaiah and Susan Landes in the Skippack and Salford community

This is a gathering for family and community to reflect upon the life and times of Isaiah and Susan Landes, a program with particular emphasis upon the origins of their four ancestral families (Landes, Alderfer, Tyson, Moyer), marriage, faith community, and vocations (bakery, farming, plumbing). Commentary and conversation about religious, social, and economic changes during the Landes’ lifetime (1894-1990) will accompany a power point presentation.  Richard Lichty, presenter.

Richard has experience in writing about families—his own and that of others. He has researched and written family histories (with genealogies) and a couple of family story books.

—Some Family Memories and Stories with the Ancestral Records of Jacob Good Bowman and Anna Mary Stauffer  (2007)

Stewards and Entrepreneurs, The Life and Times of a Franconia Mennonite Family—Clemens and Gotwals (2013)

­—An  Honest and Industrious People, The Life and Times of Isaiah Tyson Landes and Susan Moyer Alderfer (2021)

He has also authored two congregational histories in his retirement years.

—An Increase in Time – Story Lines of Germantown Mennonite Church and Its Historic Trust, 1683-2005 (2015)

Meetinghouse on the Plain – Plains Mennonite Congregation Remembering 250 Years (2015)

Richard taught history and religion classes in three high schools–in Kalona and Van Horne, Iowa and 19 years at Christopher Mennonite Dock High School. Richard has been a pastor in three Mennonite congregations: Kalona, Iowa; Germantown, in Philadelphia, PA; and Plains, Hatfield, PA. He is a graduate of Eastern Mennonite College (now University), Harrisonburg, VA, and the Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary (now Palmer Seminary), St. Davids, PA. He is married to Mary Mosemann Lichty and they now live at Dock Woods, Lansdale. They are the parents of three adult children.

No registration necessary. Donations appreciated for attendance.

Masks are Optional

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