Lapp Gallery Exhibit: Artists Kathleen Spicer/ Priscilla Bohlen

On Display in our Lapp Gallery is local Artists  Kathleen Spicer and Priscilla Bohlen

Kathleen Spicer- Artist Biography:

Kathleen Spicer attended Philadelphia College of Art, (now the University of the Arts), and received my BFA from Parsons School of Design in New York. After more than 30 years living in New York, she returned to the Philadelphia area and continues to actively create and exhibit artwork. She has received several art awards and 8 public art commissions, one of which was just completed at New Market West, in Philadelphia. She is in collections nationally and internationally, and has an extensive exhibition history in galleries and museums and public/private collections.  She is a member of MCGOPA, Tri-State Artists Equity, ARTsisters and InLiquid

Kathleen Spicer- Artist Statement:

I usually make artwork in series, and the work featured in this show combines 3 different series and highlights the interplay between them.

My 4 “paintings”, called “Alphabet Soup”, are the most recent. The flat surface is like a dance party of overlapping shapes, and the colors that those overlaps create. The flat black color around the shapes highlights the negative space, making it as important as the colored forms, and gives the work more depth. “Triple X” takes the flat work to a deeper level, with the addition of 4 inch sides, where the colors are glazed back under thin layers of black.

The 4 funky, richly colored wall sculptures take these flat shapes to the next level. Here, the shapes come to life in a more dimensional way, and still interact with each other as they connect and physically pass through each other. In these 4, the wall is the negative space.

Five “Healing Sticks” continue the journey of shape and color passing through, connection and feeding off each other. These 5 have a powerful personal meaning, as each is built and painted in dedication to very special women that are in my life, or were an important part of my lifetime. All 5 are open ended on top as if to capture rain or sunlight, or to sing out, and each has a root like bottom, as if to plant itself into the earth and continue to grow.

Finally, “Spring Fling” stands alone as a celebration of life and new energy.

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Priscilla Bohlen-Artist Biography:

Priscilla Bohlen is a professional visual artist who works on canvas using acrylic
paint, resist, and acrylic mediums. She began her early art years with a BFA from
Moore College of Art, living in New York City designing patterns for domestics
(sheets and towels). She studied fine art at the graduate level with eminent
professor Bob Yasuda at CW Post College, in New York. She moved back to her
roots, the Philadelphia area, painting landscapes with watercolor and oil. One
summer she painted plein air scenes of the Schuylkill River at sunrise. More
recently she has focused on series of abstracts, while taking classes with
Kassem Amoudi, Carol Kardon, and Martin Campos. She exhibits her work in
businesses throughout the area and her online gallery
She is a juried member of the Delaware Valley Art League, ARTsisters, Artists
Equity, and Mixed Media Ten, actively volunteering for all four. In her spare time
she seeks donated paintings for ongoing sales in local businesses to benefit her
favorite charity Rise Against Hunger.

Priscilla Bohlen-Artist Statement:

I like to work in series. I find that by developing an idea over time, I am able to
explore its possibilities more fully. Shapes combined with color continually
intrigue me, forever changing with the light. I like to apply a resist to an active,
colorful background; cover it with a complementary layer of paint, then remove
the resist, exposing part of the activity underneath. From there, I have a challenge
to make it all work as a composition. It requires many layers of resist and of
happy accidents, until I am satisfied. I love the richness and the surprises that the
undertones lend to the final piece.

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Visit the Lapp Gallery during regular Museum Hours: T-F 10-5PM, Sat. 10-2PM to enjoy this local display of fine art May 4, 2022 through June 20, 2022.
Meet the Artists May 14, 2022 1-3PM in  the Lapp Gallery.
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