History of Hatfield Quality Meats

  History of Hatfield Quality Meats 

Historically, farm pigs were valued as a source of meat and fat, and for their ability to convert inedible food into meat and manure. They weren’t picky eaters and were often simply fed household food waste. A number of area farmers ventured into the business of packaging pork products for sale. This program will tell the story of how one modest pork packing business, started in 1885 in the quiet farming community of Hatfield Township, grew into one of the nation’s top pork processing businesses! This presentation will also tell how John C. Clemens, owner of Pleasant Valley Packing, a competing pork packing business located nearby in the village of Mainland, came to purchase the Hatfield meat packing business, where his descendants have continued to grow this sixth-generation family owned company.

Larry Stevens, a Hatfield Borough resident for 55 years, is President of the Hatfield Museum & History Society which he founded in 1991. The Society has worked for the past 30 years to preserve the history of both Hatfield Borough and Hatfield Township. In August 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, the Hatfield History Museum opened, bringing to fruition the 30 year dream of the Hatfield Museum and History Society to have a building where it can tell Hatfield’s history and make its collection readily accessible to the public. Larry has written a number of books on Hatfield history including: History of Hatfield Borough, 1898 – 1998; Walking Tour of Historic Hatfield Borough; the Hatfield Museum & History Society 20th Anniversary Collection; and The Hatfield Horror – The Story of the Great Hatfield Train Wreck of 1900.

Larry is also active in other areas of community service: He is a life member of the Hatfield Vol. Fire. Co., having served 20 years as a firefighter, and has served on Hatfield Borough Council for almost 30 years. Larry is retired from the Hatfield Chamber of Commerce where he served as the Executive Director.

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