Fraktur Drawing Workshop


The Mennonite Heritage Center announces a Fraktur Drawing Working scheduled for June 25, 2016 from 9 am to 3 pm.  Fraktur was created by Pennsylvania Germans during the eighteenth through the mid nineteenth centuries and features calligraphic text decorated with colorful birds, hearts and flowers.  The tradition has its roots in the illuminated manuscripts of medieval Europe but evolved into a distinctive part of the local Pennsylvania German culture. Today, those who appreciate this colorful folk art enjoy drawing their own fraktur designs based on the work of the early fraktur artists.

The workshop will focus on the legacy of schoolmaster Christopher Dock who “sowed the seeds” of imagination for future generations of skilled fraktur artists. Schoolmasters drew much of the fraktur, often creating rewards for good students.  Workshop participants will create a fraktur design based on large lettering that will be filled in with color and motifs. Some prior fraktur drawing experience is helpful but not essential.  Accomplished fraktur artist Louise Hutchings will lead the class. A list of materials needed for the class will be provided upon registration.

Registration is required as class size is limited. The class fee is $55 ($50 members) plus a booklet fee of $8 in addition to the class fee.