Early Rising Workshop

Learn the art of creating delicious yeast dough desserts (and enjoy eating freshly baked sticky buns, raised cakes and fastnachts) in this special workshop.

Mennonite Heritage Center, HarleysvilleThe Early Rising Workshop that will meet twice, Friday, Feb 9th from 4 PM – 5:30 PM to mix up a versatile yeast dough and then EARLY Saturday morning (7 AM) to turn it into a traditional raised cake, a pan of sticky buns, AND approximately 24 fastnachts. This 100+ year-old recipe has been adapted to accommodate more contemporary schedules, but still needs to rise overnight!  At 10 AM, we welcome you to invite 3-4 guests for their morning coffee/tea and your 3 delicious and traditional breakfast goods. Instructor Alice Keppley is a baking enthusiast who has made many yeast dough creations and who demonstrates making fastnachts at the Apple Butter Frolic.

Preregistration is necessary as the workshop size is limited. The Early Rising workshop fee is $60 ($55 member) plus a $20 materials fee for all the baking ingredients. Participants will be asked to bring basic mixing bowls and baking pans (list provided upon registration).