Christmas Around the World

Joanna Mell will take her audience on a Christmas  tour around the world, discovering the many ways that Christmas is celebrated in other lands.  Joanna will be playing familiar carols and tunes on her harp, and singing in five languages, as well as weaving engaging stories.  There will be a sing-along at the end.  This program is for people of all ages and is family-friendly.

Joanna Mell is an accomplished performer on both the traditional and contemporary harps, and uses the beautiful music of this enchanting instrument to take her audience on magical journeys to other lands and times.  Joanna is also a professional singer and sings in five languages, blending her voice with the lovely tones of the harp to create a unique concert experience.  Joanna teaches the harp to people of all ages in her studio in Quakertown, PA and by Zoom, and also teaches workshops.  She is the author of 15 books of harp music and has recorded six CDs.  She has been a therapeutic harpist for over 30 years, bringing peace and healing to mind, body and spirit.  Please visit her at and listen to her music at

No registration necessary. Donations appreciated for attendance.

Please wear a mask over your nose and mouth and observe social distancing.

Thank you for helping us all stay safe.