Copperplate Calligraphy Workshop

copperplate calligraphy


Led by calligraphy artist Lori Yatron of Living Word Calligraphy, this introductory calligraphy workshop will focus on learning the Copperplate hand.  Copperplate is a fluid, beautiful style of calligraphic writing that is used for invitations and other social correspondence. Its name comes from the fact that the copybooks from which nineteenth century students learned were printed from etched copper plates.

Students should bring a favorite verse or quote for practice.  The workshop fee is $55 ($50 member) plus a materials fee of either $18 or $27 per student, depending on the choice of the supply package. All students should bring pencil and eraser, ruler, small container for water, rag or paper towels for the workshop.

The two supply packages to choose from are:
Package #1: Oblique pen, pointed nib, and bottle of Higgins Eternal Ink. (Those participants choosing this package will need to bring a pack of smooth, transparent paper with them to the workshop.) – $18
Package #2: oblique pen, pointed nib, bottle of Higgins Eternal Ink, and Borden & Riley Layout Bond paper (9” x 12”) – $27

Preregistration is necessary as the workshop size is limited.