Book release: “Paper, Quill and Ink”–Towamencin History

George Lukens (1768-1849), author of the diaries

George Lukens (1768-1849), author of the diaries

The Mennonite Heritage Center, Harleysville, invites the public to a reception for the publication of Paper, Quill and Ink: The Diaries of George Lukens, Towamencin Township Quaker, Farmer, Schoolmaster, Abolitionist and a History of Towamencin Township by local historian Brian Hagey on Sunday, November 13, 2016 from 2 to 4 pm.

Come and find out about life in Towamencin Township in the 1800s.  Brian Hagey has devoted many hours to transcribing the diaries of George Lukens who was born eight years before our nation’s independence was declared in 1776 and died 12 years prior to the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861.  Lukens lived all his life on the Lukens family farm along Forty Foot Road at Detwiler Road.  Today the Lukens farmhouse is the administration building for Dock Mennonite Academy.

The earliest diary book contains entries from October 1807 to April 1809.  The second diary book contains entries from June 1809 to November 1810.  The third diary book, property of the Mennonite Heritage Center contains entries from August 1812 to July 1814.  The fourth diary contains the largest number of entries spanning the years from September 1830 to August 1837.

The gathering will include Brian discussing and reading from excerpts of the Lukens Diary, a personal account of the early years in Towamencin Township.  Towamencin’s rural past, long hidden within the centuries old pages of George Lukens’ diary, is revealed through his writing.  Local and regional characters brought to light are introduced, allowing us to share in the good news of harvest and market days, as well as the sorrowful times upon the passing of loved ones.  Lukens also recorded the passing of many fellow Quakers, and Towamencin neighbors, enabling genealogists to update their records where before there was simply a line drawn on a page denoting an unknown date and place of death.

The reception is open to the public, no reservation required. Refreshments will be served.