This program is for anyone interested in starting beekeeping. We will be talking about how and what you need to get started in beekeeping.

Learn about the costs and the time investment needed in order to be successful. We will also cover how to take care of the bees – from your starting set up to the basics of honey extraction to treating and overwintering your bees. The program will help you make an informed decision of whether or not beekeeping is for you.

Mike Awckland, from Awckland Sugar Shack and Apiary will lead this workshop. Mike will use PowerPoint, have handouts and beekeeping equipment present for participants to look at. Awckland Sugar Shack and Apiary is a multi-generational family-owned business from Quakertown, PA. Back in 2012, we started off with one hive in the front yard. Even though this hive didn’t make it through that year, it started us on our beekeeping journey. Through many classes, conferences and help from other beekeepers, we have learned better ways to take care of our bees. This education has helped our hives grow over the years and sustain life throughout our northeast winters. As of 2021, we have grown to 130 hives.

Awckland Sugar Shack and Apiary were vendors at our annual Christmas Market this past year.

No registration necessary. Donations appreciated for attendance.

Masks Optional.

Thank you for helping us all stay safe.