Another Man’s Shoes By David C. Page Book Presentation/ Signing

As different as these two men are, they have one thing in common.  Each one wanted a brother and they found one in each other. Join us for an evening with David C. Page sharing excerpts from his book, inspiring art from Gordon and the awe inspiring tale of Another Man’s Shoes.

They meet and become friends.  David’s role in this friendship is to live his life fully, scouting out interesting stories and characters and then bringing them back to fill the emptiness in Gordon’s life.

” I always saw my brother as a rolling miracle. And me, I am the one who periodically had the privilege of being his legs. I brought  my  brother stories gathered from all corners of the world alive with color and noise and movement. My brother brought me the courage to be still. In stillness, I wrote this book.”

This Novel is about how two men who are separated by enormous differences and a continent become brothers. Video

David hopes to share a true story of friendship and brotherhood as an inspiration that now is your time.  Capture your story, don’t wait!

David has many writing credits that include published poetry and essays as well as produced plays and his recently published novel, Another Man’s Shoes.

Gordon is a quadriplegic, living in Southern California. His paralysis is the result of a car accident that happened when he was twenty two years old and in the Navy. His life is quiet except for a few friends and the routine of medical aids assisting him in and out of his wheelchair and his bed, day after day, after day!

David, who lives in Pennsylvania, is an avid hiker, motorcyclist, performer, writer, artist and nationally known speaker with a wife and three grown sons. He travels internationally frequently and has a life filled with the noise of multiple experiences and fascinating people.

The Cover of this book was painted by David’s wife, Terry (Nyce) Page, who graduated from C. of E. in 1974 with a major in art. The cover depicts a man paragliding off a cliff.

Page has often been called a Renaissance man. His life is filled with artistic expression and productivity. He writes, paints, preforms, and encouraged others to reach their full potential. Trained in the arts, education, administration, and leadership, David has traveled all over the country, sharing his love of creative efforts. In his free time, David can be found hiking with his wife in the Swiss Alps, Italian Dolomites, or anywhere there is an adventure to be had or beautiful scene to paint.

David C. Page is a local artist and writer who has been volunteering at Peter Becker community since 1972. David is married to Terry Page; they have three sons and eight grandchildren.David is a retired public school administrator who is now a full time writer and artist.

David will be available for book signing after the presentation.

Books can be  purchased in the Mennonite Heritage Gift Shop.