Redware Pottery Workshop

The Mennonite Heritage Center announces a special Redware Pottery Workshop led by potter Denise Wilz scheduled for August 16 and 17, 2018 from 10 am to 4 pm both days. During the two-day work workshop, participants will learn the complete process for making redware plates, from rolling the clay and molding the plates to decorating the plates with both slip and sgraffito techniques. The final step will be firing the plates in the kiln. Also included in the workshop will be a special tour of the MHC fraktur collection by staff. Loading and unloading the kiln will be done at on August 28 and 29 (the kiln firing dates have some flexibility, depending on the availability of the students).

The class will be led by Denise Wilz, a professional potter who researches and draws her inspiration from traditional Pennsylvania German potters. She will teach participants both slip and sgraffito techniques. Slipware is trailing lines of liquid clay across the plate to decorate while sgraffito is drawing a design into a damp clay coating on the plate. Workshop participants will make two 9 ½ inch slipware plates and one 10 ½ inch sgraffito plate during the workshop.

Participation is limited to six people with a workshop fee of $200 ($180 member) plus a $60 materials fee. Pre-registration is required.

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